Microsoft Embedded Learning Library (ELL)

Is the Microsoft Embedded Learning Library (ELL) supported? Thx, Ivan

Hi ifarkas,

Please follow the instruction in to try on the Jetson DevKit.

I’ll do that as soon as receive a sample kit from you :-)
In the mean time can you please answer a simple yes/no/no clue.

Thx, Ivan

It’s very nice that Vicky the Y said Y to her on answer.
She likes it very much and not because she is narcissistic at all!
On the other hand please get real and please answer a very simple yes/no/no clue.
Your immediate attention and full cooperation is greatly appreciated Vicky the Y.
If you cannot handle this very complex task escalate it to your superiors.

No, we haven’t tried ELL on Jetson DevKit but you can take a look at Thanks!

Thx Vicky, I’d rather stick to my plan.
I’d try Jetson DevKit with CNTK or ELL when you get it up.