Microsoft Teams for Linux on Nano

Goodday all. I own a Jetson Nano and am currently using it via Chromium to access Microsoft Teams for my daughter’s online learning during lockdown. My work laptop is pretty restrictive. Is there a way to install the ms teams app for Linux on the Nano so I can join meetings? If this works my intention is to get a usb webcam. This functionality doesn’t work with Chromium.

Non-AI related post so please feel free to move to correct forum. I am a Linux newbie.

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I briefly went to their web site and found downloads only for desktop PC or mobile. In the case of “mobile” I think this is Android only since the only way a download is allowed is by providing the telephone number of the device. Someone else may know better, but I suspect Microsoft would have to release an Ubuntu on arm64 version (this would be just like the Linux “desktop” release, but compiled for the new architecture).

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Your use case is very interesting:-)
I don’t think Microsoft provide their app with arm linux version.
There is x86 version only.(Webcam not working on Microsoft Teams, installed via snap - Ask Ubuntu)

Per this page, ms team only officially support 4 browsers.

And camera sharing is not available on other browsers.
But unfortunately, Jetson nano seems can’t use these 4 browsers.

So it seems not a good choice to use nano.

Thank you for the quick responses. I have upvoted a similar Microsoft Teams UserVoice request for an Ubuntu on arm version

Make sure it is for 64-bit/arm64/aarch64. “arm” is older 32-bit.

Thanks Linuxdev. I have clarified arm64. The thread seems to be gaining traction so hopefully ms gives it some attention