Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, but CUDA 5.5 not install. Why? P.S. Sorry, my english is bad

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is not supported by currently shipping versions of CUDA. The CUDA 5.5 release notes list the supported tool chains on Windows in table 2:

Ok, thank you, but do you know when will be available a new version of CUDA with supporting Visual Studio 2013? Please say. P.S. Sorry my english is very very bad)

My guess would be either the next version that’s NOT cuda 5.5 or the next one after that (most likely)… so in other words… probably not for a bit.

I vote +1 for support of CUDA 5.5 for MSVC 2013. I am missing it so badly.

A side note: MSVC 2013 is on market like for 1 year. Why there is no support for it?! Even recently it became as “stable”, though in the very past it was as a “release candidate” version.

Please, consider adding support for MSVC 2013. It is not too much different compared to MSVC 2010, so IMO portability will take very less adjustments.

Who even uses Visual Studio 2012 these days ?

Most of us do :p Not everyone wants the most recent features… support will probably come with the next version of CUDA… the trend is that they usually take at least 1 major/1 minor CUDA release before a new M$ compilers is supported.