MIgration from 24.1 to 24.2


We are using 24.1 Tegra version SDK for Jetson-tx1

But due to some enhanced features available in the new version, we have a plan to move to 24.2.

So it will be easy if a patch or that kind of stuffs available.If yes, where we can get that.?

or is that necessary to start from scratch?

Please help us on this.

Thanks in Advance.

If you want to save a copy of your current root file system for later reference; see this clone information:

Note that the clone can be loopback mounted for viewing. The clone can also substitute for the system.img during a flash with “-r” to re-use an image.

The R24.2 software is available here:

Normally when flashing file layout is determined by the rootfs directory combined with some boot configuration edits. You could copy your customizations into the rootfs directory after the apply_binaries.sh step. By basing your rootfs on the R24.2 rootfs plus customization, flash will retain those changes (boot configuration may change, but regular user files in rootfs are copied verbatim, including your edits).


You had misunderstood my question. This is not about the flashing of rootfs.

This is about the change of SDK from version 24.1 to 24.2.

Is that fine to apply the patch to embed the changes to migrate to 24.2 or should the base SDK version 24.2 must be used from the scratch.

If patch can be applied over 24.1,to get 24.2 version.Where can i get the patch.?

Thanks in advance.

It might work to add the R24.2 root file system plus apply_binaries.sh, but this seems risky. I’d just flash the whole thing. There is no “upgrade” path to merge a living R24.1 into R24.2 (no patch). R24.2 is here:


Thanks for the information.

Have a good day.