Migration from Developer Carrier Board to Production

I am very new to the NVIDIA product line, and to product development in general. I have created a project using the Nano Development Kit, and would now like to deploy the module to a product application. It will require a power supply, camera, and serial/UART connection between the module and the companion computer that it will interface with.

The module itself does not appear to have any of these ports. If the developer kit carrier board is not designed for production use, what additional NVIDIA (or non-NVIDIA) hardware do I need in order to use the module for a production deployment?



Hi jkuczek,

The original carrier board might have components which may be non-production quality, you will need to design your carrier board for your project and meet the production test criteria.

Hi Kayccc

I am also at the stage of creating a production carrier board for my project I have downloaded the schematic which accelerated the design Now I need to layout the PCB. Is there an allegro layout file available?

At present, no ETA of releasing layout file, you can make the board based on design guide and reference schematic.