Minfo=intensity deprecation?

I saw under Release Notes Version 23.7, that the Minfo=intensity has been deprecated, and will be removed in future versions. I am curious, is there a replacement for this option that should be used forward going? Thank you!

Hi gjt,

Not directly in the compilers. To be useful, -Minfo=intensity really needs profile-guide feedback optimization to gather runtime information. Otherwise it mostly prints out symbols and equations using the loop bounds But since we dropped PGO many years ago, keeping intensity didn’t quite make sense. Plus only a few users actually used it, but apologies if you were one of these.

My recommendation is to instead use profilers to find hot-spots. Nsight-System’s CPU profiling is limited, but when combined with NVTX to instrument your code, it can be quite helpful. Of course there are many other great profiles out there as well.


Hi Mat,
Thank you for the explanation. I have found the intensity output informative, even with the limitations you mention. So if there is a chance to just keep the option, I’d vote for it, just to help with compile-time analysis based on source alone.
Of course run-time profiling is the way to go to find hot-spots quickly for a specific run-time configuration, no question. Thanks again!