-Minform, Gap in common block

This message is new to me, we’ve just upgrade to pgf90 6.0-8, the inform message is:

PGF90-I-0063-Gap in common block pair$2 before a1 (nntest.f90)

Any idea what this means?

Hi JLudwig,

This message let’s you know that some padding has been added to your common block’s variables. This padding aligns the variables in memory for faster access by your system.

This message can also appear when using modules since module variables are treated as common blocks. Since the common blocks generated from modules are compiler created, many of these messages can be generated giving information overload (See: pgf95 6.0-4 information message overload) For the 6.1 release, we plan on removing this message for compiler created common blocks, since the message is superfluous.

Hope this helps,