mini SD card adaptador


I just receive a UHS miniSD by mistake instead of a UHS microSD. I was wondering if I can use an adaptator to put in the jetson.
It’s a bit tought to find miniSD → microSD adaptator


Hi thomas.pegot,

Theoretically it should work, but it’s not suggested, we never test it in that way, don’t know if there is any unknown problem, and as you mentioned that’s a bit tought to find miniSD → microSD adaptator, so… you better try to get an microSD card.

Hi kayccc,

Thank you for this obvious answer. So … I better try to correct “tough” that’s what you mean?
You just don’t know.

When you plug a micro SD or SD into a computer there is no difference that’s why I am asking. I can save 20euro but I don’t know if it affect speed somehow. For me it’s just wire and they had a LED but I didn’t find the datasheet.

ok thanks for this accepted answer