minimal cuda-toolkit 6.5 target installation

From my experience, installing the cuda-toolkit “.deb” on the target consumes ~500MB of eMMC space.
For development purposes this is not a problem (I can use NFS). But now when I’m preparing for production,
this 500MB space is much needed for the operational application itself. E.g. for video recording or raster
image storage etc.

I would like to ask if there is an elegant way to “apt-get install” only the essential parts of the toolkit?
By essential, I mean :
(1) The run-time components.
(2) gdb components, in order to still be able to remote-debug via Eclipse-Nsight on PC.

Than you,

I don’t know which .deb packages would be of use, but you can explore what libraries gdb server and other apps need via the “ldd” application, e.g., “ldd /where/ever/it/is/your_cuda_app”. Find out whether the actual lib is a sym link or hard link, and list the package owning the hard link. Some libraries not installed via dpkg will not have a package listed…keep those files plus the entire package when a package is known to own the file.

For packages in general most of the “-dev” package names can be removed (typically these provide header files to compile against). See “dpkg --list” or “dpkg --list | egrep -i '-dev '”.

Thank you linuxdev.

Just to update, the following did the work for me

sudo apt-get install cuda-gdbserver