Minimal files for license manager?

We are running our license manager on one machine to serve PGI licenses to users on multiple clusters. I’m starting to re-evaluate how this tool is managed. We use RPM for the installations, and have been doing a full PGI install on the license server machine, but it seems excessive.

Experimented making an RPM to include just the /bin directory, but since that includes all the compiler tools per se, PGI and RPM are a little worried about possible dependencies.

Next experiment is to explicitly select only the tools I need. Some are obvious:

A few others look like I should include them just in case:

Is this really all I need? Plus the license file, of course.
Will this work?

Hi Gap,

You should only need lmgrd, lmutil, pgroupd, and either the PGI lmgrd.rc
file or one that you wrote yourself. Would it be useful for you if we added to the PGI installer an option to only install the license server?


Thanks for the info.

Yeah, it might be handy to offer a license-only installer, but since the subset is so minimal, it may not be worth your trouble :-) A little side explanation in the README (explaining this setup) could be sufficient.

Thanks, I’ll pass that along.

  • Mat