Minimal installation guide for Code/Replicator?

I’m trying to learn to use Replicator via Code / VS Code. I can get things working (Replicator extension launches and I can debug in VS Code) but they’re very unstable, i.e. lots of hangs and crashes. I have gone thru umpteen install/uninstall cycles but my main question is this:

What is the minimal install I need to use Code with Replicator?

Trial and error tells me I just need to install Code, but ChatGPT/Bard tell me I should also install Kit (i know, i know).

Any help for a newb appreciated.


Hi Dave. Sorry you’re having issues. Sounds like you’re doing everything right. Can you share your computer specs and logs files so we can try to get a better idea of what the issue might be?

I have posted my log files and debugging details in this thread.

Check that out and see if you have any questions.


Thanks! Is it fair to say that the issue you linked covers everything from this forum topic? Can we close this out as a duplicate and focus on the help desk issue?

Yes, I’d say that’s true.

David Holden

Ok, thanks. I’ll close this one. I know Wendy is already getting that to the right people.

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