Minimal Viewer Configuration


we are using Kit/Create for remote rendering / streaming. To optimize startup time we create an own kit file to strip create as much as possible.

The first problem is, that it is really hard to strip of create without breaking it. And the second problem is, that every time nvidia issues a new version of create we have to do the process again (because there are so many changes in version number, modules etc.).

Would it be possible to include in kit a minimal viewer app that does nothing more than showing a viewport? And that is optimized for max. startup performance? Then we could just add our own kit service and enable streaming. That would be grate.

Thanks you very much


Hi @c.bickmeier. Thanks for the feedback. Kit does include some more trimmed down apps than Create. Have you looked at these kit files yet?
From within the “kit” directory:


Thank you very much… I`ve tested to mini.kit, and after adding the viewport extension I could open and see my scene… will test to add my own extension and have a look how that will work… thank you very much