Minimized working kernel config


we are currently using a kernel compiled with the tegra_defconfig.
I have noticed that there are kernel modules of size 2GB. After checking what is enabled I see that a lot probably unneeded modules are compiled.

Is there a kernel config Nvidia would suggest to use for a smaller footprint?
I’d like a kernel config with only the modules which are required for the devkit.

Thanks for the help!

We don’t have the kernel config. The defconfig in our kernel source code is the upstream one with our configs enabled. You would need to check and see what configs are not required in your use-case, and disable them.

@DaneLLL thats sad, but at least I know what I have to do now. Thank you.

I have not seen this in a long time, but if you want smaller modules, and if they are not stripped, then you can strip symbols for a smaller module. One way to do this is during the "make " of “modules_install” (there are several options during the compile, e.g., “O=/some/where” and “INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/some/where/else”) you can add option “INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1”.

Hey @linuxdev thank you were much. That is a really helpful comment. It was not in the l4t blog entry about minimizing the space usage.

I wonder why such requests don’t come more often. After a few months in this forum I get the impression that most people use the standard L4T Ubuntu for production purposes, which is not suitable in our eyes.

This is specific to how much space modules take, and the default is that they are already stripped…it only matters if someone builds their own modules. As soon as you strip the modules though they lose some symbols (although missing module debug symbols don’t really matter unless you’re using a debugger in kernel space, and not many people can do that).

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