Minimum power consumption while in sleep for a Jetson NX with NVMe

Using a Jetson NX 16GB eMMC with an NVMe M.2 drive attached, is it possible to achieve a sleep power consumption of around the 200mW minimum of the NX module? After adding the NVMe drive I’ve been unable to get the average sleep consumption down under 1W, which is far too high for my application.

My preferred outcome for my design would be to have the Jetson boot from the NVMe drive where I would also get the ~100GB of free space that I need for my application storage. But if it’s not possible to get the sleep consumption under 1W while booting from that drive, then I could boot from the eMMC and just use the NVMe as extra storage for my application, but I’d rather just keep everything on the NVMe drive to simplify the management and bulk production of my devices.

In the past my devices have just used NX dev kits booting from an SD card with no NVMe drive involved. But now I’m looking for a way to use the production module with eMMC instead.

Is this same to topic (High (1W) deep sleep Jetson Xavier NX power usage)? If so, please keep tracking in that topic only.

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