Mint 19.3 / Nvidia GTX 1060 mobile video crash

I am trying to set up an AR Sandbox (based off U.C.Davis open-source design) for our small museum in Yakima. It runs on top of Mint MATE but needs an Nvidia video card to function. That said, we picked up a mini PC not knowing the spec’d card wasn’t the listed GeForce GTX 1060 but a “GeForce GTX mobile 1060” which as far as I can tell means it doesn’t like any of the recommended drivers from Nvidia. Crash! crash! crash! I have tried a few things including installing the latest driver 440.82 via command line, but same issue. I have seen something about PRIME, and something about bumblebee, but it sounds like Prime limits some of the functions? All the video card features need to work. So before I rebuild the OS and send it back to NewEgg does anyone have any ideas on getting a Nvidia driver to work? Cuz, I keep getting PCIe bus Errors.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.