Any way of using mintty when invoking pgi (64) on a win7 machine?

Thank you



We don’t currently support mintty, but you can set up your own by creating a script that invokes mintty using the environment set up in the pgi.bat script in ${PGI}/win64/<<release number e.g. 12.10>>/pgi.bat.

Look at the Properties for the PGI Workstation shortcut on the Desktop. The Target field shows how PGI Workstation shell is invoked.

Right-click on the desktop to make a new shortcut for the mintty shortcut. The Target field for the new shortcut should invoke mintty with a startup script that sets the equivalent enviroment that is set by pgi.bat, only for the shell started in mintty.

Note that the debugger and profiler GUIs will probably not work properly when invoked from mintty.