MIPI connector and cable design concerns


Continuing the discussion from Interpreting NVCSI registers on MIPI error, we found out that MIPI signals entering the connector on the jetson side seem to be skewed/corrupted compared to what is coming out directly from the FPGA (which can be perfectly analyzed on a MIPI capable scope after adding 100 Ohm resistors).

The flex cable connecting between the camera and the jetson has:
Samtec QSH-020-01-L-D-DP-A – Camera side
Samtec QTH-060-02-L-D – AGX side

And the overall length of the flex cable is 180mm.

Is there a termination requirement by design to place over the connectors?


No such requirement on devkit. The devkit design has been validated with camera board.

Thank you @Trumany. I appreciate the response and we’ll check and report back.

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