MIPI CSI-2 Camera: MJPEG Format Support in Jetson?

I have connected AR1335 camera (with External ISP) to Jetson Nano platform through MIPI CSI-2 interface. Currently capturing frames using YUV format and it’s working fine.

I would like to enable MJPEG format output from ISP and capture the MJPEG frames in Jetson Nano platform. In Jetson TRM, i checked regarding MJPEG data format support but it seems doesn’t have any details about MJPEG format.

Is it possible to capture the MJPEG frame format in Jetson Nano platform ? If yes, can you please let me know how to capture it ?

Thanks for your support in advance.

Have a reference to below topic.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for sharing the links.

I have already referred these links but it based on USB camera and capturing frames in MJPEG format.

My question is, can able to receive MJPEG data format from External ISP in our design to Jetson Nano MIPI CSI-2 interface ?

Sorry to tell CSI not support it.