Mipi csi-2 from FPGA


We are working on new design that take yuv8 video foramt and by the FPGA We are convert it to csi2.

The board should come from assembly in few days, the board will work with the tx2 kit.

But i dont know what i should do on tx2

Can some guide me what is the steps that i should do on the tx2 to make it work?

Thank you very much

hello obenezra,

  1. you might customize the sensor device tree and fill-in the properties settings to match the FPGA outputting.
  2. please also contact with your bridge vendor to ask the steps to enable test-pattern-generator, outputting the TPG from FPGA side is nice to have for further debugging.
  3. suggest you also check below similar discussion threads for reference, such as, Topic 1052505, Topic 1052162, and Topic 1050604.

thank you JerryChang,

i have FPGA design with test pattern generator.

can you please explain to me where i should find the sensor device tree?

thank you.

hello obenezra,

suggest you check our reference bridge driver, TC358840 as below.