Mipi CSI camera on the Connect Tech Elroy Board

Dear all,

I recently received a Elroy Carrier board for TX1 (from Connect Tech) and plugged a ov5693 camera sensor (from the TX1 Camera Module Dev Board) as the constructor claims to support up to 2 ov5693 cameras.
I installed the CTI L4T package containing a kernel and device tree specfied to the board.

The problem is that I doesn’t managed to access to the camera image :

  • nvgstcapture-1.0 return an error (even by changing the sensor-id parameter)
  • /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 exist but v4l-ctl failed to open the devices

Does somebody managed to use CSI camera on the Elroy carrier (or at least the Astro carrier board) ?


You might not get a lot of hits here for support for a carrier board, have you tried to contact CTI’s support? http://www.connecttech.com/sub/Support/Support.asp

I’m interested in Elroy Carrier board for TX1, but I wonder if it comes with a TX1 module?

Hi Jack,

No the Elroy Carrier Board is selled without TX1 module by default.