MIPI CSI signal routing requirements

According to the document TegraK1_Embedded_DG_v03.pdf in page 70, it is mentioned that the required trace impedance for differential pair lines is 90 ohms. But generally for any device which works in the MIPI-CSI 2.0 specifications standard, 100 ohms trace impedance is used for routing the differential signals. Could somebody verify which value should be used on the Jetson.

Yes, Nvidia is aware of the MIPI-CSI 2.0 spec of 100ohm +/-10% for differential pair lines.
Our SI team has recommended 90ohm +/-15% impedance on our design as this provides the best margin with our device. Our characterization has been done with designs using 90ohm impedance. You will see similar differences for some of the other interfaces including HDMI. These are intentional.

Thank you for the prompt reply youngk. The tolerance level was missing in the document. So we wanted to confirm which value to use.