MIPI-CSI V4L2 Camera Not working with V4L2 Sample

I’ve attached a V4l2 based CISI-MIPI Camera, I am able to access the camera using GStreamer, but it is not working with the ISAAC SDK V4l2 sample !!

The Camera is from Approved Nvidia Partner.

Could you tell us which camera on which Jetson and what version of Isaac SDK? Is it just not being detected or there is an error message to work with?

Hi @hemals ,

We are using Appropho AR0234(Global shutter)+ISP(YUV)+AF Zoom lens(4.4X) on Jetson AGX Xavier Jetpack Version 4.4.1. on Isaac SDK 2020.2

Camera drivers are installed properly as the Camera is working using Gstreamer v4l2src!!

gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src io-mode=4 device=/dev/video0 do-timestamp=true ! ’ video/x-raw, width =1280,height=720,framerate=30/1, format=UYVY’ ! xvimagesink sync=false

Using this, I can see that camera is working !!

The only Problem is V4l2 Sample cannot see the camera and I do not get any feed for the camera !! in localhost:3000 ( Websight ) !!

Also Is CSI Camera over V4l2 supported in JetPack 4.4.1 or i have to upgrade to jetpack 4.5 SDK ?

I think I will have to write a custom C++ codelet for Isaac to read the camera at /dev/video0 ?

hi @hemals Can you pls suggest a solution, my project is stuck !!

@hemals , Pls advise on this ?

Dear @Ish, were you able to solve this?

Sorry for having revived this thread. In the meantime I noticed that there is an argus_camera sample that allows accessing CSI cameras.

Did you happen to enable the camera channel in Websight (easy to overlook, happens to me all the time)? You could also use Argus in Isaac to access CSI cameras: Component API Overview — ISAAC 2021.1 documentation

How can be show multiple camera feeds at the same time in Isaac Websight ? my cameras are mounted at /dev/video0 , /dev/video1 . ?

Are multiple CSI camera feeds supported in Isaac Websight

You should be able to configure multiple ArgusCsiCamera components in your Isaac SDK app JSON and provide camera_id for each different device (e.g. 1 for /dev/video1). These channels should then all be visible in Isaac Sight as well.