<MIPI CSI & V4L2> dev/video0 is not exist

Hi. I am Korean beginer programer

I want a use MIPI-CSI camera on Jetson TK1 r21.4

But I try do ones best why they not working

Camera is direct connect line on Tk1 module pin ( csi-line )

I read that site


and I try install package, etc… follow that site.

and not work. file open error.

i find that, video0 file is not appear in /dev/ directory

root@tegra-ubuntu:/usr# ls /dev/video0
ls: cannot access /dev/video0: No such file or directory

What is first check point that I have to see?


You are more likely to get an answer if you ask this in the “Jetson & Embedded Systems” sub-forum next door.

Thx! njuffa :D

hi everybody

 my board is on  terga-l4t-r28.1, i used" Sensor Driver Programming Guide" to porting, but boot up the tx2,not find /dev/video*, i used 9288+ 96705 camera sensor, test i2c prob is success.