<MIPI CSI & V4L2> dev/video0 is not exist

Hi. I am Korean beginer programer

I want a use MIPI-CSI camera on Jetson TK1 r21.4

But I try do ones best why they not working

Camera is direct connect line on Tk1 module pin ( csi-line )

I read that site


and I try install package, etc… follow that site.

and not work. file open error.

i find that, video0 file is not appear in /dev/ directory

root@tegra-ubuntu:/usr# ls /dev/video0
ls: cannot access /dev/video0: No such file or directory

What is first check point that I have to see?


There is a document about V4L2 driver: V4L2 User Guide for Jetson TK1 under Developer’s Guide. It uses IMX 135 as a sample sensor to describe its driver development. not sure if you have chance to check it out.


Are you using e-consystems 13MP camera for TK1? If yes, they should provide support when a ticket is opened. We have order the 13MP camera for TK1, but have not received it yet.

If you are using different MIPI camera, do you have driver for that camera?

Hello yahoo2016 !! XD

Camera name is “1.9MP VT R04 Front Camera Samsung Galaxy”.

Here is it’s link page.


You said that “13MP camera” should provide support driver.

But I think this camera is not support that…

I think that if I just check & enable soc_camera MIPI-CSI v4l2 etc on Tk1_ubuntu setting, camera driver will contact and /dev/video0 file will appear …

What can I do first…?

Since each MIPI-CSI needs a driver, if you have datasheet with register definitions, you could try to modify existing driver source,as Kayccc suggested above and rebuild kernel.

You could also try user space I2C and GPIO access to the camera to make sure you can power it up and write/read camera registers.