MIPI CSI2 DPCM decompression Support in Jetpack drivers


NVCSI supports the Predictor-1 DPCM compression as stated in the Xaxier TRM (DP-09253-002_v1.3p) page 630.

But this chapter also states that the software needs to override the data type to let the color parser know how to unpack it from byte to pixel and then send to the DPCM decompression unit.

We are using Jetpack v4.2.3 with the L4T release 32.2.3.
Is this software part handled by your drivers in this jetpack version ?
Do you confirm that the DPCM ratios are well supported by your drivers and the MIPI frames are recognized and decompressed ?

Thank you

Looks like the code have handle this but it have not verified. Try to configure the dpcm_enable from the device tree to try.

mode0 {/*mode IMX185_MODE_1920X1080_CROP_30FPS*/
 						mclk_khz = "37125";
 						num_lanes = "4";
 						tegra_sinterface = "serial_a";
 						phy_mode = "DPHY";
 						discontinuous_clk = "no";
 						dpcm_enable = "false";

Thanks for fast feedback, ShaneCCC !

Can you please have a clear status from the NVIDIA Dev Team regarding this DPCM feature ?

Thank in advance,

Sorry, just confirm again. The driver read this property but didn’t do any configure.
That means currently software not support this case. And may not have plan on this feature in future.