MIPI CSI2 transmit question

Hello Everyone,

Our company is developing a LiDAR system for autonomous vehicles. We would like to send raw LiDAR data to a Jetson Tx2 in order to use the GPU for post processing. We need around 14 Gbps throughput to transmit the raw data. It looks like 3 4-lane MIPI bricks and give us the throughput we need. The data does not have to be synchronous.

The FPGA team working on our LiDAR system is pretty busy so I am thinking about how I can move the development along. Can the TX2 board’s MIPI CSI2 interfaces be set up to transmit data? If so, I could simulate our LiDAR sensor with a TX2 sending the data and then have another TX2 and receive and process the data.

I have not done any embedded Linux so the learning curve here is probably steep. It seems like developing a driver to transmit/receive packets of data over the MIPI interface should be relatively straight forward. It looks like the interface protocol has a “user defined” data type. We don’t need anything in the ISP or any of the GStreamer pipeline features. Would I use V4L2 at all?



TX2 receive MIPI data only, can’t send data.
You can use v4l2 to bypass the ISP pipeline.

Below document may help for driver development.