MIPI Display theme..

Hi administrator! I work MIPI display using for JTX1!
have any find MIPI DSC display code relate some of document?
or anyting please?

Hello, wee:
For chip level information, you can refer to Tegra_X1_TRM_DP07225001_v1.1p.pdf, which can be downloaded from http://developer.download.nvidia.com and that document describes detailed information for TX1 modules.

From software part, you can refer to the driver code from TX1 kernel source code.


Hi wee,

Unfortunately MIPI is a closed club like PCIe. There is no way to read an original documentation if you are not a member.
On the other hand it is possible to connect a MPI DSI display to TX1 looking only on a panel datasheet, driver samples, device tree samples and TRM.

Please look at a driver source code and related device tree records of the panel-a-wuxga-8-0. It is useful for many LCDs.

One of the most important issues is initial register sequence and power sequencing. You should follow the datasheet of the LCD or ask a manufacturer.

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It seems DSC is not supported by Tx1