MIPI driver probing


Currently using the dtsi files, camera drivers are automatically probed based on the I2C address for example.

  • Is it possible to initiate the same probing sequence without a I2C bus definition in the dtsi? (and have all the data structures loaded correctly).
  • Can I use an alternative bus source for such probing (for example I2C bus 0 or 1 on the 40-pin header), or a different bus type (GPIO if recommended etc.)?


Sorry don’t have much clean for your request.
If you need implement without i2c access you can just define the sensor under any of i2c bus but need to avoid slave address conflict. Then in the sensor driver remove all of the i2c read/write function like dummy for it.


Sure, thanks.
But what if I’d like to initiate the probe sequence without an actual bus existence (for example no I2C).
Is there a recommended way to make the driver startup and register the video device for MIPI stream compliance testing without prior communication bus over I2C.


The what interface to communicate with your device for streaming?
If your device able to stream automatically then you can reference to below topic to driver implement.

That’s a good reference, thank you :-).

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