MIPI-DSI to HDMI conversion

Can the MIPI DSI interfaces and one of the audio interfaces of the Jetson TX1 module be used to interface with the Analog Devices ADV7533 MIPI DSI to HDMI converter chip in order to support an external HDMI Display? I know that the SOR1 interface can support one external HDMI display but my design requirements need to support two external HDMI displays.

Hi DMoffatt,

TX1 supports HDMI + DP dual monitor, but the dual HDMI is not verified.

Hi Wayne

The Tegra TX1 has two display serial output resources (SORs). From what I can decipher from the documentation I have is that the SOR1 can support an external display with either HDMI or DP protocols but SOR0 can only support embedded DP (eDP) for an internal display with no audio support.

The Tegra TX1 MIPI DSI interfaces also seem to be intended for internal display use only. However, I’m wondering if I can utilize four of the DSI data lanes, one DSI CLK and one of the audio interfaces to drive the MIPI DSI receiver interface of an MIPI DSI to HDMI protocol converter such as the Analog Devices ADV7533 device.

Hi DMoffatt,

Per TRM TX1 supports display output of DSI + HDMI, so dual HDMI output should be doable by adding DSI (+ audio I2S) to HDMI converter.

Thanks Wayne!


I also required 2 HDMI output in my project.
How to enable DSI support in the TX1 kernel?
Do you recommend any ready DSI to HDMI board?

I am planning to use adv7535 which support 1080 @60Hz HDMI Output.

For Testing, I am planning to use evolution kit (ST B-LCDAD-HDMI1) provided by ST. Which uses adv7533.

So As per my thinking, after enabling DSI, I just need to add I2C driver for ADV7535. Right?

Hi RiteshPanchal,

DSI is enabled if flashing with p2371-2180.conf under Linux_for_Tegra.

We didn’t verify DSI->HDMI converter before.

This topic is also related to adv7535 on tx1. Please refer and ask meyan for experience.