MIPI IBIS Model error


Trying to run MIPI simulation using IBIS model and getting some error


Are you download the latest Jetson AGX Xavier S-Parameter and IBIS Models from Jetson download center?
Are you able to using other IBIS model except MIPI?

Hi edli1983

  1. YES
  2. HDMI IBIS model is fine, we had already start Simulation it.


There is a update recently, we added T194_CSI_RX_netlist.sp to replace t194_bdmipi_csi_rev1p00.ibs file, The T194_CSI_RX_netlist.sp is already in the package, Would you please delete old t194_bdmipi_csi_rev1p00.ibs file and try T194_CSI_RX_netlist.sp.

Hi Edli1983

Thanks, the file of T194_CSI_RX_netlist.sp it is ok!