MIPI LANE configuration support


We are using JTX1 in the following configuration Is the MIPI CSI controller in the TX1 supports this configuration
can the MIPI controllers support same configuration but different lane width

controller CAMERA MODE Actual no of Lanes
CSI 1 X4 4+clk
CSI1 2 X2 1+clk
CSI2 1 X1 1+clk

We have have been able to test the MIPI CSI for 2 and 4 lanes, what errors are you seeing?


thanks for the reply

Have u tested 1x1 lane camera in 2x2 mode configuration?as TX1 supports 2X2 have u checked with any single lane camera module .what are registers to be modified for x1 configuration of MIPI ?

We have tested only with 2 and 4 lanes cameras. I think that the main change is on arch/arm64/mach-tegra/board-t210ref-camera.c where you set the amount of lanes:

static struct tegra_camera_platform_data t210ref_camera_platform_data = {
.flip_v = 0,
.flip_h = 0,
.lanes = 4,
.continuous_clk = 0,

I recommend you to take a look to the L4T documentation, there is a section for V4L2 called Board File might be interesting for you.