MIPI Low fps (MIPI D-PHY Modes of Operation?)

Hi. I have two TX2 boards with 3rd party MIPI cameras on them. One of them can display FullHD 60fps however the other one can only give 26 fps.

In the datasheet it mentions the operating modes of MIPI D-PHY:

MIPI D-PHY Modes of Operation

  • High Speed Mode – High speed differential signaling up to 2.5Gbps; burst transmission for low power
  • Low Power Control – Single-ended 1.2V CMOS level. Low speed signaling for handshaking.
  • Low Power Escape –Low speed signaling for data, used for escape command entry only. 20Mbps

Can it be the reason of low fps and if yes, can you tell me how can I change it?

It’s about sensor capability you need survey to sensor vendor.

Thank you for your answer. But when I connect the same camera to other TX2 it gives 60fps. The problem seems to be with one of the TX2 boards. Is there any config parameter that changes the MIPI bandwidth/performance?

The frame rate is depend on sensor configure. You need to get the configure from the vendor.
Otherwise if you use argus_camera and sensor driver support frame rate control you can use it to configure the framerate from the GUI interface.

The “same camera” (eCam31 from eCon) with the “same configuration” gives “60fps on one TX2 board” but “26fps on the other TX2 board”. Therefore I think it must be related with the TX2 board.

There must be some setting with TX2 boards that affects the performance but I couldn’t figure it out.

Have a try to boost the nvcsi/vi/isp clocks to try.