Mipi signals

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I wish to understand the details on interfacing MIPI siganls coming out from my IC to Jetson Nano modue. I have 3 ICs each of which generate 4 lane of data and 1 clock.

Can anyone please confirm how can this interfacing be done ?


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Please refer to Jetson Nano Product Design Guide and in DLC.

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can I use the below configuration ?

IC1 MIPI interfaced to CSI0 & CIS1 along with its Clock

IC2 MIPI interfaced to CSI4

IC3 interfaced to CSI2 & CSI3 (here I am not sure which clock to use as there is clock from CSI2 as well as CSI3 ) ??

Please refer to figure 7-3 in doc, CSI0 clk, CSI2 clk and CSI4 clk.

Thanks for the reply , yes I had already seen this but I still wish to confirm that for using the section CSI_E & CSI_F do I use only Clock2 and dis-regard clock3?

Please see the image that I have posted


Yes as said “only CSI2 clock used”.

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can you please also give me some ideas on how can i interface Jetson Nano to USB 3.0 connector for storing the collected data from Nano into a hard disk ?

thanks in advance.

Not sure about your question, for USB design, there is related part in OEM DG for your reference.

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apologies if the query was not clear.

I am designing a carrier board for the Nano module which has just one USB 3.0 connector instead of 4 on the original carrier board and no USB Hub.

Then what should be the way to interface this USB connector to the 260 pin connector that holds the Nano module ?

There are USB Connection Examples in OEM DG, you can choose one to follow based on your request.

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by OEM DG you mean the Jetson Nano Product Design Guide ??


Is there any documentation or steps for interfacing gyroscope to Jetson Nano for sensing the position of the module ?

It depends on the interface used on gyroscope, DG provides several kinds of IO design for reference.

Thanks the gyroscope is to be interfaced using SPI , can you please now advise ?

Just follow SPI chapter in DG.

Thanks for the reply, will be helpful if you can also indicate on what is the purpose of the USB HUB ?