Mirror Output With Reduced Viewing Area


I am trying to setup my RTX 6000 GPU to output two mirrored displays. I also want the two displays to have a reduced viewing area (square image centered on a 4K monitor) and no panning. The settings need to be persistent from power on to power on.

I am running Red Hawk Linux.

I have tried to use the following commands in the screen section of my xorg.conf file:

 Option         "metamodes" "DP-4: nvidia-auto-select {viewportin=2048x2048, viewportout=2048x2048+896+56, PanningTrackingArea=2048x2048+0+0}, DP-2: nvidia-auto-select  {viewportin=2048x2048, viewportout=2048x2048+896+56, PanningTrackingArea=2048x2048+0+0}"
 Option         "MetaModeOrientation" "clone"

The two monitors show a square image in the center of the screen but they are not mirrored and they are still able to pan.

What am I missing that could be causing this? I have tried these settings with the same hardware but running CentOS 6 and they work fine.