Mirror Robotiq 2f-85 gripper joint to control gripper using MoveIt

Hi, I am trying to control Robotiq 2f-85 gripper on a UR using MoveIt. I have added two effort controllers for arm and gripper. There’s a single joint control similar to Franka example here. Here, panda_combined_joints_publisher.py is used to mirror both finger joints of Franka.

Now, I am trying to replicate the same with Robotiq 2f-85 gripper. Here, I am not able to control both the joints as mirrored. Only one chain of joint is actuated. Other one is not.

How is it possible to mirror one of the actuated joints? If not then, what could be the probable solution to control such a gripper?


  1. System specs:
  2. Ubuntu - 20.04
  3. CPU - Intel Core i7
  4. Cores - 24
  5. RAM - 32 GB
  6. GeForce RTX 3060-Ti
  7. VRAM - 16GB
  8. Disk - 2TB SSD
  9. IsaacSim - 2022.2.0

Hi @deveshkumar21398 - Can you update to the latest Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 and try the MoveIt example again?