Misleading driver install documentation in regards to Linux compatibility support

Chapter 5 of the README says only to remove this line:
from this file:
in order to let the driver compile without Linux compatibility support.
However, this isn’t true. If you only remove that line, the drivers still try to compile with Linux compatibility support.

In order to make it not compile that way, the following additional two lines must also be removed:
from this file:
from this file:

This must be added to the documentation for the documentation to be correct.

Along with the documentation fix above, I’d like to complain. Linux compatibility support should be opt-in, not opt-out. Nvidia drivers are always the most difficult part of installing an OS, but it shouldn’t be that way.


Thanks for the suggestion. I filed enhancement request 2335796 to track updating the README.

There doesn’t seem to have been any progress, so I wrote a diff, myself. If you’d prefer a diff that only changes documentation and doesn’t fix current behavior, let me know.
Uploaded on multiple pastebin-type sites since there’s no upload attachment function on this forum:
At least one should stay up long enough.
While I was there, I improved the HTML of linuxcompat.html. It’s not complete, and it could be better, but it’s something. It’s valid HTML now!
nvidiadiff.txt (7.57 KB)

It’s been months since OP (it’ll have its first anniversary next month) and weeks since the last post.
Any updates, any progress?

My apologies, I found the attachment function and have attached it as a file. Sorry.
SHA256 (nvidiadiff.txt) = f2f1735b4c9e337cdbfba2f4357072fe429771e10698ae57dd5cc2a6126684f3
SHA512 (nvidiadiff.txt) = 724092062fe6c0070bfb141dbc2e38f5a2ac4bcf545ab8b4a89734111af172c4f00cc87d07ede29f184a2672501bedbd50f5297ea4ef5c69d0771bc4972f4cc5

I’m still worried about whether anything will ever be done about this, though.

I noticed a mistake. I mistakenly said “see scripts/linux.sh” instead of “see Makefile”
I’ll attach nvidiadiff2.txt to this post.
SHA256 (nvidiadiff2.txt) = dfdd1e4dd6a772a0576695dc27557a7a09edf3da256d1f125ee931743c720436
SHA512 (nvidiadiff2.txt) = 5210a9ec0d305e9cd8be99c45e4d32ffaf8afe8705c04ce471fe9d793d5b85a313889b3f83936d15655b4ec105a859ec53778b88c1f073c56e4d127a82462814
nvidiadiff2.txt (7.64 KB)

Happy belated first anniversary to this thread!
Is anything happening? Will this ever be fixed?

Fuck Nvidia.