Mismatch between header files from latest Capture SDK and dll

Hello I’m trying to capture Direct3D output with nvfir and donwloaded the latest Capture SDK (6.1)…

When I look at the documentation and the header files there should be (for example) a method "NvIFRSetUpHWEncoder" but when I try to use this method there is no entrypoint for this method.

When I look into the dll (with dependecy walker) it shows me methods like "NvIFR_CreateCrossProcessSharedSurfaceEXT" which I cannot find in the headers or documentation.

Can anyone help me to get this started? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much

PS: I’ve installed the latest drivers which has a higher version than the min version described in the documentation

Sorry… my fault. Of course the Header files are correct… the methods are methods of the create Encoder instance and have to be called on this instance

case closed :-)