Miss usdPhysics folder in Omniverse library packman package

I am working on a solution using Omniverse and USD C++ API with Visual Studio 2019 and Windows 10. I executed build.bat from Omniverse Connect Sample 101.1.6 to obtain Omniverse library files via packman package.

I want to develop physics simulation feature, which requires to include header files from UsdPhysics. I did not find usdPhysics folder at the packman-repo directory, e.g. C:\packman-repo\chk\nv-usd\20.08.1558.66c3911a-win64_py37_release-100-1_py37\include\pxr\usd

I see usdPhysics folder and files are available at USD/pxr/usd/usdPhysics at release · PixarAnimationStudios/USD · GitHub

I sent email to Brian, who is in charge of maintaining the Omniverse library packman package according to PACKAGE-INFO.yaml. I did not receive response.

I wonder how to get usdPhysics from Omniverse library packman package so that I can develop physics simulation feature.

Hello @xiaomin.fang! I messaged Brian to see if he received your email. I will post with the physics team.