Missing Animation Extensions: deformers, constraints, usdskel


I am suffering from the same issue mentioned in this ticket

I am looking to investigate the wrap deformer that is demonstrated to provide insight for writing my own omniverse deformers.

However, I don’t seem to be able to access the extension as seen in this demo

I’ve looked all over for the extension, and not sure where/how i should be accessing it.

or, has it been fully removed?

Hello @t_i_reed! Welcome to the community! I need to reach out to the dev team for some help in answering this question. Are you using Omniverse Code to access this extension?

Hi Wendy! I tried having a look in all the packages, and then actually found it still available in Kaolin… unfortunately, it seems like it might not be supported any more. Would be good to confirm that.

Ideally, I’d like this in Code and Create

Thanks again,

Wrap deformer that is mentioned here is a cpp compiled deformer. We don’t ship our extensions cpp source with the product at the moment. There is documentation on how to create deformers with OmniGraph:


Specifically there is a tutorial on creating deformers here:


Note however that the screenshots and instructions here have been adjusted for the upcoming release. If you’re on 2021.3, the instructions may differ a bit.

oh brilliant! Thanks!

I’ve started and seem to have hit a road-block at the first hurdle… in Code, I can find the:


but not the dependency:


when this kind of thing happens, what’s the best strategy to locate extensions? I’ve noticed that the different applications have differing extensions, and i can search my local disks and find them… however, I can’t find the missing one above.

Is there an online repository for extensions which might be able to supply this?