Missing call stacks in Nsight 3.0 RC1 (and 2.2 and 2.1)

Hi, I’ve been missing call stacks for my D3D Draw and Dispatch calls for every version of Nsight I’ve used, and I’ve been really hoping to fix it.

I can’t get the call stacks to show properly for my own D3D app, or any DirectX SDK sample. I only see the hexadecimal address, the module name but nothing else. (I do see normal call stacks in Visual Studio when I’m not using Nsight.) Here’s an example of what I see from profiling the SDK sample FluidCS11:

and here’s a pic of my stack tracing settings:

Is there a setting I am missing somewhere? Any help you can give would be much, much appreciated.


Unfortunately I can’t view images hosted on Dropbox. Would you mind sending me a private message so we can get into contact via email?

Check out the ‘Modules’ view… I had the same problem, and for some reason the exe path in the modules was wrong. I had run:


and in the module view I was seeing:


I made a symlink so the second path was valid, and it loaded symbols correctly. You could also manually pick the pdb in modules view each time.


We’ve fixed a couple of issues around this since the posting of the original problem.
Corndog, which version of Nsight are you using?


Sorry for the late response… I’m still using

It’s a fantastic tool BTW.

Hi Corndog,
Could you update to the latest build which has a number of fixes which may address your issue?