Missing can0 interface while ifconfig -a

I have tried using the following driver modules:
– modprobe can
– modprobe can_raw
–modprobe mttcan
and I find out there is no problem while i use lsmod to see the module. but ifconfig -a shows no can0.
This problem has been bothering me for a long time, help me plz.
Is a jetson nano I bought it last year.

The TX1 chip on Jetson Nano doesn’t have CAN built-in. Orin Nano and Xavier/Orin NX do have CAN. For Nano you need an external Microchip SPI-CAN controller like MCP2518FD.

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I have a CAN to USB module.this module creat a ttyACM0 device in ubuntu.And I just want to a virtually CAN0 And bind this device.because I have a agilex car chassis(chassis.https://github.com/agilexrobotics/agx_sdk.git). And I find out that there Linux application layer program using socket CAN. And as far as I know X86 can use there CAN to USB module to communicate with there car

You should have mentioned your hardware setup in your first post.
mttcan is the driver for the CAN peripherial inside the Jetson modules. It doesn’t work on your Nano.
You need the matching driver from the vendor of your product. Ask him, he is the only one that can help you.
Btw: The driver need to match the architecture (x86, amd64, armhf, arm64) and the operating system version.

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thanks for your reply ,i konw how to do now, maybe I should rebuild the kernel,here is a suitable driver.

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