Missing checkerboard 11x8


we are trying out your calibration tool, and we noticed that the checkerboard needed for the calibration is missing, and was not provided, we tried with the 10x7 checkerboard that is provided, but it is not working. We tried with your example calibration_intrinsic_constrains and it doesn’t recognize the checkerboard.

Do you have maybe the right checkerboard somewhere provided?


Hi Anja,

you are totally right the 10x7 checkerboard will not work for you.

Please read the documentation as in the very beginning it tells you that you find our April checkerboard located in


We are aware about some difficulties with our documentations. It would help a lot if you would be so kind to send me a brief mail listing all your issues with regards of our documentation and sample code - e.g. not finding the tutorials, no highlights between the lines, missing explanation about different steps, etc.

Thanks your very much Anja and I would really appreciate if you would find the time and effort to send me a mail (fweise@nvidia.com).

Best regards and please come back to me if you have more questions.

  • Fabian