Missing "client alias" after LicenseServer update


I can’t see anymore the “Client alias” of my licensed Clients.

Is there a way to see this again?

OS: Windows
Version: 2018.06.0.24304595

thank you


No, this feature was removed from Flexera. Nothing we could influence.

[i]NVidia deleted my post how to resolve this problem (REST API) … so, it is useless to post anything here. This will make NVidia people more happy.

This forum is usable only for announcements.

From now you can receive only official answers like "" (no answer), "No…", "Ask support…", "Ask OEM/Citrix/VMware…", "Not supported…", "Buy/Use licenses…", "Buy new card…", "Use only certified configuration…", "Not tested…", "Not work anymore…", "No one need it…" and famous "Next release…".

Yours sincerely, Martin[/i]