Missing components on a 1080ti Founders Edition

Hi, a friend broke a diode/transistor while trying to replace the thermal paste of a 1080Ti FE. I have the tools to solder a new one, but I wastn’t able to find the part number of the missing component. Can someone help me?
The missing component is the Q549 on this image

Any kind of help would be appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

Hello there @lucahermanete, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

There have been others here who asked similar questions, so please be patient, there might be someone around who solved a similar issue, like in this post: Need help identifying missing components on GTX 1080 FE

But as I wrote over there, NVIDIA sadly cannot give you the PCB layout and SMD part numbers, I hope you understand.

Best of luck to you for finding a fix! And if you do, feel free to share your solution here for future reference.


Hi, thanks for answering Markus.

I’ve seen that post, but Its related to a 1080 FE, for which I have already found a PCB boardview and also schematics. I wasn’t able to find anything related to the 1080ti FE.

I guess I will keep waiting

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