Missing CUDA driver for HPC SDK

I’m running an Ubuntu (18) system with an 8-core AMD CPU and a GeForce GT 710 graphics card. After getting authorization, I downloaded and installed the HPC SDK. But apparently the driver is not installed:

~/% nvaccelinfo -v
libcuda.so not found
No accelerators found.
Check that you have installed the CUDA driver properly
Check that your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable points to the CUDA runtime installation directory


  1. The installation is complete and I’m missing some sort of links not included in the instructions, or
  2. I need to download the driver somewhere.
  3. This graphics card is not supported (it’s a low-end card, but I figured I could do some GPU code development with it)

I have limited internet resources with low bandwidth, so I don’t wish to download a large file if that’s not needed.

Found the driver. Trying to execute the run file resulted in an error, but using apt-get installed worked.