Missing cudnn64_8.dll file

I’ve been trying to get CUDA and Tensorflow installed and working properly for over a month now for my senior project at college. I’ve already gotten all of the code done and the data loaded and ready, but Pycharm keeps claiming I am missing this single DLL file. Further research and questioning the CUDA help staff and StackOverflow has shown this may be an installation problem and I have double checked that compatible version of TensorFlow and CUDA are installed, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. If I can’t get this working by the end of winter break, then I will be forced to abandon finishing the project and instead write a paper on what I planned to do.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Are you still facing this error ?
Please refer cuDNN installation guide.

Thank you.

@user77724 what cuDNN version are you using? Like what is listed in Spolisetty’s instructions, sometimes it might be the zlib that’s missing if you are using recent versions (>= 8.3.0)