Missing cusparseSpSM_updateMatrix?

I am using the cusparseSpSM* functions to successively solve multiple problems with the same nonzero pattern but slightly different values in the sparse system matrix.

If I had just a single right hand side vector, I could do cusparseSpSV buffersize → analysis → solve → update → solve → update → solve → etc. Having the update function is nice, because it is (or has the ability to be) faster than doing the whole analysis again.

I am working with multiple right hand sides, so I need to use the cusparseSpSM functions. However, there is no such update function. This forces me to redo the analysis again and again in place of the update, which feels like a waste of resources when the nonzero pattern is always the same.

To me it seems like the analysis (and update) should be almost identical to the SpSV variant.

Is there a reason why the cusparseSpSM_updateMatrix function does not exist in cusparse? Or is it just not implemented yet?



Hi @jhomola,
Thanks for reaching out. cusparseSpSM_updateMatrix will added to CUDA 12.4.

Awesome, thanks :)

I’m looking forward to the update

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