Missing directory from pgi bin after changing graphic driver

I am trying to compile codes on my development box to run on a separate compute box. Both boxes run Ubuntu 16.04.05 LTS. The development box has pgif90 release 18.7 and compiled codes that worked using the 390.87 driver. The Supermicro has the 384.130 driver installed and the 390 drivers do not seem to be an option. The software updater and the repository do not have the 390. When I try to run the compiled codes on the Supermicro, the gpus will not initialize. My guess is that it is due the miss-match in drivers. So I purged the 390 driver from the development box and installed the 384 driver. After this change, the compiler complains that it cannot find the directory “pgnvd” that it thinks should be in “/opt/pgi/inux86-64/18.7/bin”. It looks like the pgi install is driver specific. Do I need to reinstall the compiler or is there another way to do?

Hi GeoJohn,

Inside the bin directory there should be a makelocalrc script that will generate a localrc file used by the compiler. There should already be one inside bin/. Remove the existing localrc and run makelocalrc with “-x .”

If that doesn’t work, it is pretty easy to nuke the existing installation (i.e. rm -r /opt/pgi/) and re-run the installation script. There are a couple environment variables you can specify to run it silently and avoid having to answer the questions during installation:



PGI_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/pgi \