Missing documentation wrt barrel adapter polarity, power LEDs

One piece of information I can’t seem to find is the polarity of the barrel power connector. I have a 5V 4A center-positive adapter, and the Jetson Nano board doesn’t seem to boot (no lights, no heat). So, my two questions would be?

  1. Is the barrel connector center-positive or center-negative? It would be great to document this on the website/wiki. Saying that the connector is 5V 4A is not sufficient.

  2. Does the Jetson Nano have power/activity LEDs that are supposed to turn on when the board is powered up? This would also be good to mention in the getting started guide.

Hi maximechevalierb, it is center positive. This is mentioned in the Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide, but we will clarify the wording in the document and add the info here to the forum and the wiki, so thanks for the feedback.

Yes, there is a green LED behind the Micro-USB port that lights when the board is on. If you are using a DC barrel jack power adapter, and aren’t getting the green LED, check to make sure you have fitted the jumper on header J48 to disable Micro-USB power and enable DC barrel jack power source.