Missing export file while exporting the model.tlt

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• Hardware Titan RTX
• Network Type resnet18+UNet
• TLT Version (Please run “tlt info --verbose” and share “docker_tag” here)
• Training spec file(If have, please share here)
unet_train_resnet_unet_isbi.txt (2.9 KB)

• How to reproduce the issue ? (This is for errors. Please share the command line and the detailed log here.)

I was trying to export my pruned+retrained model but occured this issue, but i can’t find any file that’s is named trtfp32.isbi.retrained.engine . Will this file generate while running the code or this file need to be found online ?

It is generated by “tao unet export”.
Please run below to make sure the path is available inside the docker.
! tao unet run ls /home/ubuntu/Desktop/dpstream/tlt-experiments/models/unet/export

If not, please
! tao unet run mkdir /home/ubuntu/Desktop/dpstream/tlt-experiments/models/unet/export

Thank you very much